Friday, July 4, 2008

As American as Lee Iacocca

Happy Independence Day, fellow patriots! Today I’d like to talk about the most American food product I can think of, one that makes apple pie and red, white, and blue cake seem like a communist plot against democracy. This agent of freedom: spray on butter. Alright, so technically this delicious concoction is not actual butter, it’s made with olive oil, but it sure could’ve fooled me. Just weeks ago I would have turned my nose up at “fake” butter; one word you don’t say in this house is margarine. But then we got an air popcorn popper and faced the difficult task of finding a way to make the salt stick to the popcorn. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but then I couldn’t go on putting tablespoons of melted, very expensive, local butter on my “healthy” air popped snack either. I tried the Olivio brand (founded by Lee Iacocca—they donate all profits from the product to diabetes research) and put it to the test. It tastes just like buttery goodness, only with no calories or fat. Now I’m not saying I’m gonna go and put it on my toast in the morning, but I don’t hesitate to hose down my steamed broccoli. And with a serving size of five sprays, with 226 serving in a bottle, well that’s 1130 buttery bites. (I think the no fat rule doesn’t apply if you use five or six of those serving in one sitting—not that anyone I know would do that. Just be warned.) So today if you want make your cookout a little more festive, a little more… patriotic, put a bottle of buttery spray right beside the mustard and ketchup where it belongs.

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