Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When the bottle is empty...

This week the weather was fantastic, especially by Ithaca’s standards, so we took a picnic to Taughannock (apparently pronounced, tuh-can'-nuck) State Park. I brought along a bottle of blueberry wine that we picked up at Stonefield Cellars Winery in Stokesdale, NC two years ago whilst visiting the Alpha Family. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but assumed it would be something on the sweeter side, maybe even a little syrupy. Already having been subjected to so many of the Fingerlakes wines brimming with residual sugar, I was prepared to dismiss it before the bottle was open. Instead I found myself edging the bottle closer and closer to myself--not that I don't like to share, but really, I have such a sophisticated palate, it would be a shame to waste it on other people. The wine had a great balance of acidity and wasn’t the least bit syrupy. There was a pleasant amount of sweetness that one might expect from a fruit wine. The only unfortunate part of the experience is that now I don’t have any more. Looks like the next batch will be ready around Thanksgiving; in the meantime I will see what I can do about conning the Alpha Family into securing a bottle of their peach or strawberry wine to tide me over.

If you find yourself in the wee-tiny town of Stokesdale -- it’s just a hop away from Greensboro -- stop in for a tour and a tasting. www.stonefieldcellars.com/index.htm

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