Monday, July 14, 2008

Why can't I keep everything?

After having spent the last 3 years in one place, it’s safe to say I’ve accumulated more than a few kitchen related items. A couple of coffee grinders, an oversize toaster oven, a food processor, popcorn popper, pasta machine, an ice crusher…Then there are the cookbooks, as well as piles and piles of cooking magazines, which have their very own bookshelf in the kitchen. Next is the liquor cabinet, the spice cabinet, the glass cabinet and the stockpile of staple goods that looks like we just hit up Costco. Did I mention that we’re moving 2,800 miles in just two and a half weeks? Sadly, that means some things have to go.

What made the cut?

Bacon Salt. All three flavors. They were a Christmas present, but besides the sentimental value, they’re mighty good for when your pesky vegetarian friends come over and you can’t put bacon on your cheese fries, or in some hamburger meat in case your doctor said you can’t have bacon everyday. Bacon Salt motto: Everything should taste like bacon.
The Snackster “Snack ‘n Sandwich Maker.” Just because I haven’t used it in three years doesn’t mean I’ll never use it again. It produces perfect buttery nuggets of grilled cheese sandwiches, preferably using Bunny bread and American cheese.

What stays behind?

The tiny box of Lucky Charms that has been hiding in the cabinet for two years. I was saving it.
And I’ve just been notified by Beta Wife that my chocolate covered marshmallow Easter Eggs (the wonderful kind that come in a carton) also will not being going with us. We shall see.
The George Foreman grill that now lives with its brothers at the Salvation army.

Stay tuned for more exciting chapters in the moving saga, including Iron Chef: What’s Left in the Cabinet and Do You Remember Buying This? — The Mystery of the “Wine Cellar.”


  1. I feel your pain. We recently moved after 25 years in the same place. Most of my possessions are culinary in nature; imagine what it was like after 25 years of accumulating gadgets. =)

  2. I don't know...I think you should have found a way to keep the Lucky Charms...