Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lime Trees—More Elitist than Arugula

Oh, oh…guess what? A few days ago I bought a lime tree. That’s right, my very own citrus fruit bearing tree that was a little housewarming present to myself. My lime tree makes me feel like the most special person on the west coast; however, it’s come to my attention that they let anyone just walk into Home Depot and buy lime trees, and I am growing more and more distressed about this policy. I feel as though there should be a special club for citrus tree owners, requiring hard-to-obtain membership, and that I should be president of that club. We will have a special handshake, secret meetings, and fun hats. During our meetings we shall stand around admiring our trees, perhaps measuring them occasionally, and discuss our superiority over those without citrus fruit trees. In the meantime, since any commoner can become the proud parent of a lime tree, I will have to be content imagining a batch of margaritas made with fresh limes that came from my back yard. I may still not have my furniture yet, but I’ve got fruit trees, and that’s a good start. Meeting adjourned.

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