Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I almost forgot…

So I got a little distracted and failed to mention some of the other noteworthy places in St. Thomas. I’ll start with coffee so you’ll know where to get your island cup a joe.
Lattes in Paradise-The best cup of coffee I had in St Thomas was at this little kiosk tucked away in Red Hook. The service was great and the baristas know what they’re doing—this is where you should go for a well-prepared coffee or espresso. I had an au lait that was so good I thought about it for days. Sip your coffee with a view of the marina.
Barefoot Buddha-This café is located across the street from Havensight, one of the more touristy shopping areas. Though the iced coffee was bitter and there was no simple syrup to be found to give it a boost, their food was really quite good and the staff is friendly. Try the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich and check your email. They have wireless for your laptop as well as a computer station, and plenty of much needed air conditioning.

Picaso’s Coffee Bar-You can find this coffee shop near the entrance to Coki Beach. I stopped in at 3 in the afternoon with a pounding caffeine headache and was presented with a fresh pot of coffee. They have baked goods and beer too, a great combination if you ask me. Don’t be sketched out by the sign that says “for your safety wait to be buzzed in” -- the owners are from New Jersey.

Bad Ass Coffee-This is a chain that hails from Hawaii and they have a location in Yacht Haven, which makes it convenient, but that's about the best I can say for them. Ok, they have good branding too, but that's it. Being a member of the elite service industry, I hate to complain about my fellow worker bees, but the service at this place was so terrible that it's about the only thing I remember from my experiences there. Every time I ordered from the baristas they would sigh, and react as though I’d just asked them to clean the world’s dirtiest litter box instead of make me a coffee. Also, some people seem to be impressed with the coffee ice cubes they put in their cold drinks. I am not one of those people.

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