Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Snack Review

Okay kids, it’s time for the Friday Snack Review. In keeping with my recent theme, these are all snacks that are “healthy.” What I mean to say is that they're better for you than a sack of Ruffles and a vat of French onion dip.

I’ll start with my top rated selection, which surprisingly is a Safeway brand snack. The Eating Right potato crisps (pictured above) are crunchy and addictive. And you can eat 28 crisps for only 110 calories (15 fat cal)! The tastiest flavor is the Cheddar, which tastes like crunchy bits of cheddar cheese left in the toaster oven too long; the Salsa and BBQ are just so-so.

Next are the Terra chips that come in many flavors and varieties. You have probably noticed their sweet potato chips or colorful veggie chips. I recommend trying the Garlic Mashed Yukon Gold potato chips that taste like, well, garlic mashed potatoes. I just sampled the Bloody Mary Red Bliss crinkles and they're good, but I wouldn't think to name them after the beverage on a blind tasting. But seriously, garlic mashed. Mmmm.

Back to cheese, one of my favorite snacks will always be the cheesy poof. Most normal people I’m sure have found themselves unintentionally polishing off an entire bag before dinner, or maybe in place of dinner. These little white cheddar nuggets made by Pirate's Booty won’t leave your fingers orange, but they’ll satisfy your craving.

Garden Veggie straws are one of those things you get at Costco that one might refer to as an impulse buy. But really, if you are a habitual snacker, this isn't a bad thing. They're cheap, the bag is huge, and you can eat a bunch of them and not feel guilty. Special points for being in a fun shape, and not just another boring "crisp." Makes 'em taste even better.

My least favorite, at least in the healthy snack category, were the baked Kettle chips. The Kettle brand chips are typically one of my favorites, the spicy Thai and the salt and pepper are amazing. But the baked just leave me a little…still in need of sodium and grease; or at least they could do a better job tricking me into thinking I was consuming something naughty. They’re just…good for you—in a potato chip sort of way.


  1. Just wanted to comment about the Veggie Straws...I can't find them anywhere (now I'll have to check Costco =)), but my 8 year old son and his friends say they love them....their teacher shared some at school. So not only a healthier snack, but one that the kids will enjoy too.

  2. I just bought them at Costco this past weekend. My kids LOVE them!! I was scared they wouldn't even try them since there was veggies in them so I hid the bag and just put them out in a bowl without saying anything. 10 minutes later, they were gone! Big hit.

  3. awesome! i approve of your sneaky, snack tactics.

  4. ok, just so everyone knows. Veggie Strws are the best, and as for now you can only ither get them at costco, or online, belive me ive looked, but i highly recomend them

  5. until one minute ago I was looking for the veggie straws like crazy, but now I know where to go. Thanks!!!

  6. Glad I could help you on your way to a new addiction!