Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alpha Cook Turns One!

Today is officially the one year anniversary of your all-time favorite food blog, Alpha Cook. This is also post #100 in case you are counting. (I personally think sloth can be a virtue.) Finally I have found an activity that can hold my flea-sized attention span for more than a few months! Of course, the occasional pestering from a certain spouse and friends never hurts either. I have “big plans” for the upcoming year: more booze, book reviews, local interest, a lot more sarcasm and maybe even a little gardening. Over the summer you can look forward to plenty of grilling, cold beer, and homemade condiments. In the next few months I’ll be working my way through a few old reprinted cocktail books and trying out some (many?) of the recipes. Aren’t you excited? Just nod your head and keep going for this year’s highlights.

A few fun facts

Age of Alpha Cook: 1

No. of subscribers (after subtracting parents and spouse): 26

No. of visits to blog for the month of August 'o8: 191
No. of visits to blog for the month of March '09: 1, 202

Times I cursed Blogger for ruining my day: somewhere in the thousands

Topic of my first post: whiskey

Most interesting keyword search leading to Alpha Cook (this was a tie): shelf life of an unopened bottle of thousand island AND how much does it cost to produce a sandwich

Most popular keyword search leading to Alpha Cook: homemade pop tarts

Most amusing keyword search leading to Alpha Cook: what holidays are celebrated with drinking
(uhm, like all of them--do these people not have family?)

Amount of whiskey consumed during my “creative time”: details fuzzy

Thanks for reading, now let’s go have some celebratory whiskey.

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