Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Friday Links and Morsels

Here’s a little something to tide you over until I finish typing up my notes from the super-awesome class I attended at Absinthe last night. Check back soon. And don’t forget that the next Mixology Monday is coming up on the 18th!

Tipping on carryout? Check out this article from the Detroit Free Press on why you might want to leave a buck or two.

Starbucks is lowering their prices on some items despite the fact that they’re still facing a significant sales slump….So now your grande iced coffee comes in just under $2! The recession will be caffeinated.

A Maryland restaurant boasts the “ultimate” burger. Stuffed with cheese and deep fried, they call it the….wait, can you guess? Heart attack on a plate! Haven’t we been down this road before? Well, admittedly the picture does make me salivate, and you know it is fried in canola oil after all, so it can’t really kill you. Right?

A recent study at some college somewhere, by some people who probably have degrees in something, has determined that “drinking your blues away” does not work. Huh? Drinking doesn’t make you feel better?! Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? That said, I leave you with my latest Bev Mo purchase. And I feel pretty damn good about it.

1.75 liters of feel-good -- don't know why it comes in any other size

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