Monday, August 24, 2009

Apology Post

but I brought you these flowers

I know what you're thinking.

WTF?! Where do you keep going? You're gone, you're back, you're gone again. And excuses, always excuses.

Yes, it’s true. I've abandoned my post once again. But I swear, I have a really good reason. Really good. I got one of those job thingies eveyone's been talking about. Believe it or not, getting a job in the service industry in the Bay Area has been more difficult than one would expect. That’s because of a little thing called the Recession. So I've been a little busy bringing home the bacon lately, or more accurately, the pressed ham. I am once again a contributing member of the household, if only on retail wages. I must also admit that I have come out of barista retirement. I know, I said I was done, swore I was done. I am the Brett Favre of the coffee world. Except that, well, I still have something to offer. So anyway, there is your excuse. I expect no more complaints.

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