Friday, January 29, 2010

An Unlikely Pair: Boccalone and Humphry Slocombe

the empty wrapper -- I love that they include an "!" in the title
I was recently with friends buying some of my all-time favorite meaty treat, mortadella, at Boccalone a couple of weeks ago when I saw the strangest thing up at the counter. Candy. Caramels specifically, so I asked the meat tender to tell me just what in the heck was going on. Turns out, these caramels are crafted by SF ice cream maker Humphry Slocombe, and made with lard from Boccalone. Holy sh*t! Caramels made with lard? We got a pack and tasted them immediately. I admit, I was skeptical about the whole idea—was it perhaps good in theory and a let-down in execution? I didn't want my expectations to be too high...

They are, in fact, amazing. (Though from our "tasting panel," one person out of four was not impressed.) The caramel is ridiculously soft. You can taste the lard--it's creamy and rich, but doesn't coat your tongue. I kept expecting to find a little piece of ham in there somewhere. I probably should not even be telling you this, considering these little nuggets are hard to get ahold of already. But just in case you're picking up a salumi cone at the Ferry Building and spot them, you'll know. Don't hesitate; when you change your mind and go back the next day... all gone.

FYI--4 pieces for $3.50

Ferry Building Marketplace
Shop 21

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