Monday, February 28, 2011

Mixology Monday: Some Like It Hot!

It looks like this is my first Mixology Monday since February of last year. So sad. I will make myself feel better by making a toasty, warm beverage with booze in it! Nancy at Backyard Bartender has chosen the theme “Some Like it Hot” to battle chills of February. I decided to adapt one of my favorite winter beverages, Bull’s Milk, a cocktail whose name is more than a little off-putting. Despite the moniker, it’s delicious and perfect for cold weather (and for brunch!)

Bull’s Milk

1 oz dark rum, I used Gosling’s
3/4 oz cognac, I used Hennessey
6 oz warm vanilla milk*
1 scant tsp grade A maple syrup
freshly grated nutmeg

Pre-heat a mug or heat-proof glass. Add rum and cognac to mug. Prepare vanilla milk as directed below. Stir the maple syrup into the milk, and add to the booze in the glass. Top with fresh grated nutmeg.

*In a sauce pan, warm the milk over low heat with a piece of split vanilla bean. Use about 1.5 inches of vanilla bean per 6 ozs of milk. Be careful not to scald the milk, stirring often until it reaches the desired temperature. For a drink with more texture, try using a little battery operated milk frother that results in foam similar to steamed milk.

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