Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just Released: No. 3 Gin

In March I had the oppurtunity to attend the No. 3 gin launch at SF's Bourbon and Branch. In short, lots of industry types locked in a small space with plenty of gin cocktails (and yes, this was before my self-imposed rule that I can no longer consume gin in public.) The gin itself is labeled as London Dry Gin and the recipe is from London's Berry Bros & Rudd (partnered locally with Anchor for release in CA), although it's actually distilled in Holland. The No. 3 boasts using only three fruits and three spices: juniper, orange, and grapefruit; angelica root, coriander, and cardamom. Tasting it straight, you'll get a blast of citrus and juniper, with a dry peppery finish.

The folks behind the bar at B&B mixed up some mighty good French 75's, martinis, and Negronis. My bartender, whose name escapes me, kept me well hydrated, preventing any drunken gin-related debacles. I'm typically not a huge Negroni fan (at least not with Campari), but B&B makes a darn good one. A few nights ago I used the No. 3 gin to make a Negroni with Gran Classico bitters, and it was amazing. For folks in the Bay Area, you can find the No. 3 at Cask or K&L Wine Merchant for about $40-44 a bottle.

Brand: No. 3, Berry Bros. & Rudd

Style: London Dry Gin

Tasting Notes: citrus, juniper, coriander, pepper

Good Place to Start: martini w/ lemon twist

Average Bottle Price $40

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