Friday, May 6, 2016

Last Alpha Cook Post, Drinkapotamus Up Next!

Greetings readers, new and old. This bittersweet post is to announce the retirement of this long neglected blog. Apparently, people don't even blog any more! Have you heard? Which of course is why I'd like to redirect you to my new project, still in its infancy, Drinkapotamus. It's a blog about cocktails.

I just want to leave you with a a few things I've learned from having a food blog:

1. It's hard to take pictures of food when all you really want to do is just eat it.
2. It's hard to take pictures of food when you've had a long day and you had to make dinner when you really wanted to order pizza, and you really just want to eat your f*@king dinner and not document it.
3. It's really time consuming. I don't like to measure when I cook. Recipes are hard.
4. Hangry.

Speaking of creative outlets. with cocktails being both a professional and private interest, and because waiting to drink a cocktail while I take photos does not test my patience (as much) or put my marriage in jeopardy, please enjoy your time on my new site. With a snack.

Alpha Cook, Drinkapotamus

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